Kabam: Mobile Gaming Company IPOs after King and Zynga

Click here to download the Permalink. Kabam is a San Francisco-based mobile gaming company with three hit games each of which has reportedly grossed over $100 M since launching.  In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Kabam’s CEO Kevin Chou disclosed that “Kabam has raised $125 million from investors including Canaan Partners, Redpoint […]

KLab: An Undervalued Japanese Mobile Gaming Company

Click here to download the permalink KLab (3656:TYO) is a Japanese-based gaming company that had been slow to switch from developing feature phone and browser-based games to developing native freemium app games for smartphones. But, that all changed in April, 2013 when KLab released an innovative role-playing game called “Love Live! School Idol Festival”. The game’s […]

Mixi: A Rare Undervalued Mobile Gaming Stock

See Version published by SeekingAlpha Click Here to Bookmark the Permalink.  Mixi (2121:TYO) had been the Japan’s leading social network site until Facebook started to take over. In January 2011, Facebook had 2 Million monthly average users. By September 2012, it had surpassed Mixi with 15 Million monthly users and Facebook never looked back. As a […]

Glu Mobile Will Beat Guidance Based on App Store Data

First quarter 2014 has just closed as I write this article about GLU Mobile (GLUU), a pure play mobile gaming company. With access to daily app store revenue rankings for the past 3 months, I believe that GLU’s revenue will exceed guidance a full month ahead of its 10-Q release and conference call scheduled for […]

Price-Sales Ratios of Mobile Gaming Companies

Published by Seeking Alpha 3-20-14 http://seekingalpha.com/article/2100903-price-sales-ratios-of-mobile-gaming-companies Investing in publicly-held mobile gaming companies is the purest play ever on the hit-making business. It is momentum investing on steroids. To paraphrase the Sean Parker character played by Justin Timberlake in the movie The Social Network, “A doubling of sales isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A tenfold […]