A Decentralized Alternative to the Order Book

In a crypto-economic trading platform: “The network becomes the exchange” Snapchat (ephemeral) bid-asks User-defined smart contracts Exchanges are regulated by the SEC and take years to gain approval.  Recently, the SEC has announced that all crypto exchanges are illegal unless they register with SEC. There are two key design principles informing a market design presented […]

MZ (Machine Zone) and Its Satori Platform

An Outline of an Decentralized Alternative to the Order Book   A Decentralized Alternative to the Order Book   Machine Zone (MZ): A $10 Billion Dollar Unicorn in the Making   Edge Computing Use Cases for MZ’s (Machine Zone) Platform Machine Zone and The Perversity of Unicorn Lists   Machine Zone (MZ): A $4 Billion […]

The Facebook – Google Duopoly — Where They Differ?

Summary: Facebook and Google differ fundamentally in the degree of adtech vertical integration.  Facebook only has a significant internal supply side platform (SSP).  Google has a significant SSP, ad exchange, and a demand side platform (DSP). Facebook recognizes that its supply of ad impressions has reached a ceiling due to user annoyance of ads in […]

“Lemons” and Antitrust: Why Facebook and MZ Are AdTech Frenemies — DSP Cognant

(Postscript: July 11, 2018) Adexchanger reported that MZ has shut down its independent DSP business Cognant and laid off all 125 employees as well as half of its in-house media buyers. (Published: March 1, 2018) Summary:  Facebook has deflected the antitrust case against it by assisting independent demand side platforms (DSPs) like MZ’s (Machine Zone’s) […]