MZ (Machine Zone) and Its Satori Platform

An Outline of an Decentralized Alternative to the Order Book   A Decentralized Alternative to the Order Book   Machine Zone (MZ): A $10 Billion Dollar Unicorn in the Making   Edge Computing Use Cases for MZ’s (Machine Zone) Platform Machine Zone and The Perversity of Unicorn Lists   Machine Zone (MZ): A $4 Billion […]

The Facebook – Google Duopoly — Where They Differ?

Summary: Facebook and Google differ fundamentally in the degree of adtech vertical integration.  Facebook only has a significant internal supply side platform (SSP).  Google has a significant SSP, ad exchange, and a demand side platform (DSP). Facebook recognizes that its supply of ad impressions has reached a ceiling due to user annoyance of ads in […]

“Lemons” and Antitrust: Why Facebook and MZ Are AdTech Frenemies — DSP Cognant

(Postscript: July 11, 2018) Adexchanger reported that MZ has shut down its independent DSP business Cognant and laid off all 125 employees as well as half of its in-house media buyers. (Published: March 1, 2018) Summary:  Facebook has deflected the antitrust case against it by assisting independent demand side platforms (DSPs) like MZ’s (Machine Zone’s) […]

Machine Zone (MZ): A $10 Billion Dollar Unicorn in the Making

(Original publication date: 6/7/16) (Our suggested “moonshot” for MZ: ending urban traffic congestion via a real-time pricing platform + “connected car”) (Our suggested new tagline for MZ: “put a price on it.”  Shoutout to Portlandia for its “put a bird on it” tagline for a hand-crafted gift store capturing its big picture strategy) Short Postscript […]