Quantifying the Requirements to Scale A Robotaxi Business – Apple

Summary Carpooling is now seen as last big opportunity to grow a shared mobility as a service (MaaS) business ahead of the arrival of autonomous vehicles (AVs). We present the case that Waze’s altruistic vision of carpooling is insufficient to scale the business. Our transactional vision of the business, requiring market pay rates to drivers, […]

Trumpcare Needs Milton Friedman

Trumpcare has focused exclusively on eliminating mandates, reducing tax credits, and rolling back Medicaid expansion to the working poor. But, the consequences of this are an estimated 24 Million people dropping coverage and huge increases in premiums for those who wish to remain covered. Trumpcare is up for a vote in the House of Representatives and […]

Product Hunt Will Become The Launch Pad for Acquihires Under AngelList

If the tagline for AngelList has become “The LinkedIn for Startups”, will the tagline for Product Hunt become “The Launch Pad for AcquiHires”? To me, the acquisition of Product Hunt is another signal of the narrowing of business models for standalone apps. Product Hunt was never in the running to scale enough to attract advertisers. […]

Kabam’s Downfall: Talking the Talk

The growth in the numbers of technology startups valued over $1 Billion, so-called unicorns, has abruptly stopped and even reversed. In the last several months, a number of unicorns have seen their valuations marked down by mutual funds. This has been accompanied by a number of titillating articles about frivolous spending — Dropbox’s Chrome Panda sculpture — and debauchery — Zenefits’ […]